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Worcester County Commissioner Bertino Asks Financial Officer About Recreating the BOE Budget

At the Worcester County budget work session held on April 9, 2024, Commissioner Chip Bertino questions Vincent Tolbert, Chief Financial Officer of Worcester County Public Schools. Bertino explains that the county contribution to the school system in FY2025 is 73 million dollars required under the Maryland Blueprint, which the county is meeting. With Maintenance of Effort (MOE), Worcester County will be contributing 99+ million dollars. Commissioner Chip Bertino asks if there has been any effort to rethink the budget allocation, since the county is now contributing 26.5 million dollars above the Blueprint requirement. Bertino was expecting a simple YES or NO, but instead received a response of deflection and diversion by Tolbert. Although the end result is NO, Tolbert simply could not muster enough courage to say it.

You can watch the 3-minute video below:

Fellows & Editors

April 13, 2024 

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