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Wicomico County Public School Student Provides List of Grievances

July 27, 2022


When an individual feels wronged, and has it in their power to speak about it, it only comes to reason that they should. Such is the case of the American Education System.

Though it is impressive that so many individuals should be educated-nearly for free-in such a large country, the accomplishment is quickly disregarded as one realizes the quality of such an education. Such is the reason for criticism. Therefore, I found it within my right-as a citizen of the United States of America-to speak freely about the System in order to let it be known how I-and many of my peers-feel about it. This should not be interpreted as a venting of frustration, though certainly part of it is, but as a culmination of all the problems with the System as has been gathered by myself through my contemporaries and teachers. Though my true knowledge of the System is certainly limited, I do consider my own experience to be invaluable, being a long-time participant in it, and also those who I have interacted with. I expect, therefore, that if there are any problems I have missed-which I almost certainly have-then the list of grievances should grow-not shrink-as people who have had different experiences than my own may add their own issues.

I speak as a representative of the student body of my own school, and perhaps other schools across the United States, which likely have similar problems to our own scenario-students which, so far, have neither spoken out nor even realized that they can. Students who don't know any better.

So, I invite other students who agree and would like to see a change in their education to speak out if they are enraged or disappointed, as we are the most integral part of the System itself.

In this list of grievances, I hope to have organized it in such a way that it gives a good idea, to all who are interested, in the extent of the crucial difficulties involved with the System-and what the system itself should be teaching if it wishes to make generations of thoughtful and intellectual students-from the point of view of a student who has well over a decade of experience, and who has had to teach themselves where the education system has failed.

-In Good Faith,


Wicomico County Public Schools High School Student

Inspiring and instituting a sense of motivation, proper behavior, and discipline of the mind are key points in any amount of learning, especially in higher learning and skill development, thereby a key element in a quality education. The ways in which the American Education System has failed can be summarized in the following:

Failure to inspire curiosity or interest in learning, or motivation thereby, aside from the threat of poor grades, or pointless awards for good performance.

Failure to institute common sense.

Failure to develop the mind, its faculties, and faculties of thought.

Failure to teach logic, or any efficient and accurate tools of thought.

Failure to teach effective study techniques-aside from short mentions in class-or skills in acquiring knowledge beyond rote, such as mnemonics or visual association.

Failure to encourage great ambition, instead replacing it with lower ones, and thus encouraging complacency in skill and work.

Failure to inspire initiative for self-education or study.

Failure to give students appreciation of subjects, how they fit together, and why they should be concerned about learning them, beyond a small and superficial level.

Failure to reveal students' own lack of knowledge, or make them realize the ratio between what they know and don't know, beyond a superficial level of each subject.

Failure to teach students to appreciate their own unique experiences, and use it to understand subjects, and to produce their own ideas.

Failure to teach students skills and arts to express themselves uniquely, beyond a superficial level.

Failure to teach students how to properly argue, debate, or hold intelligent discussions.

Failure to acknowledge existence of genius and higher intelligence, or encouraging and developing such traits, beyond implementing "higher" classes or allowing grades to be skipped.

Failure to teach students self-dependence, or how to handle their own emotions and thoughts, making them dependent on therapy or counselors.

Failure to provide enough free time for reflection or thought, or enough time to develop social and conversational skills.

Failure to teach social or conversational skills, or any sort of communication skills beyond a superficial level.

Failure to teach practical life skills, or appreciation of life's finer points.

Failure to realize folly of assuming students know how to think without effective discipline and techniques.

Failure to teach morals, or any rules of wholesome and honorable behavior beyond those assumed to be "common sense", or enforced in mantras such as "Be Kind." Examples of morals and honorable behavior include:

-Bravery and Courage










Et Cetera...

The books and classroom materials in which students learn from are key to their mental chemistry-and what they learn-which is crucial to a quality education. The ways in which the American Education System has failed can be summarized in the following:

Failure to implement any great or classical books-which are widely accepted to be the most thought-provoking and mind-improving-beyond a few examples, or teach the ability to read them properly and thoughtfully.

Failure to remove inappropriate books from the school library-which acts as an advertising center for books in a school setting.

Failure to remove personal opinion and partiality from certain classrooms, and individual teacher lesson plans.

The curriculum, finances, and communications of a school are all keys to a quality education. The ways in which the American Education System has failed can be summarized in the following:

Failure to establish proper communication between the System and parents.

Failure to establish proper communication between the System and students-or realization of the capability that students can communicate-beyond surveys which have little importance to the student body as a whole, especially in student mentality to answer them thoroughly and seriously.

Failure to use finances most effectively, especially when considering poor quality of lunchroom food and purchases of new editions of textbooks which have little difference from previous editions.

Failure to use time effectively in the curriculum and classrooms, especially when considering inconsistency in rules between English classrooms and similar curriculum being taught each year.

Failure to institute a curriculum which most benefits the student, and makes them feel satisfied with their education.

Failure to properly enforce rules against nicotine products and illicit drugs being used in bathrooms and on school property, and prevention of fights, especially in certain schools.

Failure to implement adequate substitute teachers, beyond a level of keeping moderate order in classes they are substituting.

Failure to give teachers good incentives, especially for quality of teaching in the opinion of the students.

Failure to give parents any real understanding of what occurs in classrooms, or control over the curriculum fundamentally.

Fundamental and thorough understanding of each subject, especially ones that are fundamental in themselves, are crucial to a quality education. The ways in which the American Education System has failed can be summarized in the following:

Failure to teach understanding or real proficiency in the following subjects, which includes theory and rudimentary skills, beyond a superficial and unsatisfactory knowledge:





-Foreign Languages

-Fine Arts

Ad infinitum...

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