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Petition to Preserve Local Control of Schools and Parent Choice to Mask Their Children

On August 26, 2021, the Maryland State Board of Education (MSBOE) voted on an emergency statewide mask mandate for Maryland county school systems, which was an overreach of their authority. That decision has been sent to the Joint Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review Committee in the Maryland General Assembly, which a 10-7 vote took place on September 14, 2021 after hearing testimony during this rigged meeting that limited testimony to biased special interest groups and lobbyists. The public was not notified or afforded an opportunity to testify. As a result of this theatrical, their vote became regulation. Enacting a regulation derived from such a vote is both unconstitutional and illegal. This appeal filed by a parent explains how.

This is to petition the Maryland State Board of Education and the Maryland General Assembly

We call on our Maryland State officials to:

  • Observe the law. Local control should be left up to each county school system (COMAR 13a.01.05.06.a)

  • Respect our civil liberties. A parent should be able to decide to mask their child or not - our bodies, our choice!

  • Not sell out the citizens' rights in exchange for money from Biden's U.S. Secretary of Education - that's bribery.

The beauty of this petition is that it supports everyone, regardless of their personal view.

If you support this petition, please sign below.  Names will not be publicly disclosed.  We will not provide any names to officials unless we secure enough signatures and officials provide a written notice of guarantee to change their course based upon those numbers.

Thanks for submitting!

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