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Is Wicomico County Public Schools Allowing 4-Day Attendance To All Who Requested? 


The CDC has recently changed their guidelines to allow for 3ft spacing between students (instead of 6ft). With that said, the schools can accommodate those who wish to return and even ride the bus. Some students have been allowed to return 4 days, but others have not been allowed. The questions below are anonymous, and will help us measure equity and equality in the selection criteria of Wicomico County Public Schools to determine if a fair process is being implemented in accordance to federal and state law. Your anonymous answers are very helpful.

Please select your role:
Which learning environment do you prefer?
Have you requested 4-day attendance?
Did you receive an invitation for 4 days attendance?
Was your request for 4 days accepted, denied, or waitlisted?
What was the average grade of your child in Semester 1?
Does your child have special educational needs?
Is your child an English Language Learner (ELL/ESL)?
Do you have Internet access at home?
Has your child had excessive absences?
Have you ever expressed any concerns with the school system?
Do you avoid speaking out to the school in fear of retaliation/retributon?
Have you ever been a victim of retaliation/retribution by the school system?
Would you partake in a peaceful protest if one was organized?
Do you support school vouchers for your school of choice to be used for public, private, homeschool, or other online K-12 institution?

Thanks for submitting!

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