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Support Governor Hogan's School Reopening Initiative ~ Petition to Open Delmarva Schools

The beauty of this petition is that it supports everyone regardless of their position, as it's all about choice. Governor Hogan has given the authorization and recommendation for Maryland counties to safely open our schools. However, Governor Hogan cannot mandate counties to open schools, because county school boards are elected by the people. As of today, the local counties are holding the line to keep schools closed despite the Governor's recommendation to open them. 

In the beginning of August, the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition conducted an independent survey on how parents and teachers felt about reopening our schools. You can view the survey results here. Out of 1,082 surveys, Wicomico County is nearly at a 50-50 split between those who wish to return to school at some capacity, and those who are in favor of virtual distance learning. With this in mind, our schools would be utilized at half the physical capacity if parent and teacher wishes were met. 


We call on county officials to open our schools in a safe and practical manner, with the following flexible options:

  • Open the schools for teachers and parents who wish for their child to return to school for in-person instruction.

  • Offer virtual distance learning for those parents who wish for their child to remain at home.

  • Teachers who wish to return for in-person instruction can return to school.

  • Teachers who wish to remain home can teach virtual classes and assigned to students who are at home.

If you support this flexible school reopening model, please sign the petition below. 


*All names will be kept confidential and not disclosed to the public*

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